NATURAL BEAUTY – $34.25 per Cubic Yard

Natural Beauty is a double processed mulch made of all natural hardwood bark. This mulch does not include any dyes.

BLACK BEAUTY – $38.25 per Cubic Yard

Just like Natural Beauty, Black Beauty contains an all-natural hardwood bark, but it has been dyed black for a vibrant color all season long. If your desire is to add a classy, dark look to your property without the typical color fade, this is the product for you.

PREMIUM BLACK DIAMOND- $41.50 per Cubic Yard

In addition to the features of Black Beauty, Premium Black Diamond is triple ground to create a finer mulch cover. This product is a favorite of most landscapers and looks very elegant in flower beds and around your trees.

CHERRY CHOCOLATE- $38.25 per Cubic Yard

Cherry Chocolate mulch is a double processed hardwood bark and is a dark brown with slight red coloring. You need to see this product to appreciate it!

RADIANT RED- $38.25 per Cubic Yard

Radiant Red mulch is a double processed hardwood bark and has been dyed with a slight red coloring to give you another excellent option for your landscaping needs.

WOOD CHIPS- $17.00 per Cubic Yard

Mulching with wood chips conserves soil moisture, reduces weeds, and cools the soil. All of these benefits help to make your plants healthier. Another use for wood chips is to cover your garden and yard pathways. Wood Chips add a natural element to your landscape.

Minimum Purchase of 1/2 Cubic Yard for Mulches

*Prices subject to change without notice*